Pacific Coastal Highway, south of San Francisco. 2013.


I am a social impact professional with program management, communications, and operations experience. I am focused on technology and society, open government, and digital rights issues, and I am dedicated to collaboration and network building to achieve greater impact.

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What I Do

Lead on community engagement and strategy for open source technology-enabled programs giving citizens more voice in their governments and aiding governments in being more responsive to their people on the Tech Innovation team at National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

Maintain the Open Internet for Democracy Initiative through the Advocacy Playbook creation, community engagement, strategic program management, and advocacy support, working with two partner organizations and six international fellows

Guide the strategy and communications of the global, growing Design 4 Democracy Coalition, working with leading technology companies and democracy organizations to put democracy principles at the heart of their work

Create and implement an internal collaborations strategy for the Tech Innovation team to support knowledge sharing and more effective partnerships across the 23 teams at National Democratic Institute

Research frontier technologies and analyze their potential for impact within NDI programs

Assist in grants and contract management for the 8 person Tech Innovation team and their multiple projects

What I've Done

Led the communication and operations of Open Gov Hub, a social enterprise of 250+ members and 40+ organizations into a learning, collaborative, and innovative network of those seeking to create more open and just governance around the world

Enabled the implementation of programs that align with the collaborative vision and strategic goals of Open Gov Hub

Managed and partnered with stakeholders on 200+ events and collaborations, including event series on whistleblowers and algorithmic accountability (in progress)

Facilitated monthly collaborations across the Open Gov Hub network, increasing skill and knowledge sharing among members, as well as team building

Managed daily operations, evaluating processes for resource sharing among Hub members so limited resources can be redirected to programmatic work

Wrote a Master's thesis on the Internet Freedom movement

Past recipient of a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantship at The George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA)

Created a proposal for a tech solution to crowdsource reports to combat sexual harassment in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Wrote a comparative paper on data protection policies in the US, EU, and Brazil

Helped craft a strategic campaign proposal to bring broadband Internet access to Native American reservations

Volunteered at the RightsCon conference on human rights and technology in San Francisco

Acted as researcher for the book Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change by former CNN journalist and SMPA Director Frank Sesno

Created a mentorship program for the graduate program at SMPA

Python neophyte and member of Hear Me Code

Wrote 40+ on-air news stories for an NPR affiliate station

Organized and ran an award-winning community garden

Studied abroad in Germany to further language skills and international relations learning