Why We Need To Talk About The Internet

Surveillance, privacy, net neutrality. All of these words have permeated through our Facebook feeds and online media in the past few years. These are abstract concepts, yet they are shaping the world around us. But why does this even matter? 

That is what I aim to uncover and make plain for you.

Information has never been so free. It can traverse the globe in seconds; it can spread out like a rapid wildfire; it can shape shift and fit into exactly the right spot at the right time. But most importantly, for the first time in history, you, yes YOU, can create it, share it, spread it. Information is finally cut free and democratized. 

And this has a lot of people in power scared. 

A political, technological, and philosophical battle is currently underway. Who controls the information, and should all information be free? 

In the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about how this is playing out in your world. Right here, right now.

It is time to look deeply at the world being built up around you.