Why Your Smart Fridge Shouldn't Tell You What to Eat: An Algorithmic Accountability Ignite Talk

At Open Gov Hub we have so many different organizations tackling the various pieces of the opengov puzzle that learning about everyone's projects can sometimes be daunting. So once a quarter we host an Ignite Night, where a handful of willing participants can share their latest work.

Our 2017 Spring Ignite Night and Happy Hour was a rousing success as both our Hub community and others working in this area came together over drinks, snacks, and a love for learning...or rather perhaps a love for watching peers and friends deliver the intense Ignite talks.

Read more about the evening here.

Kristi Arbogast, besides being the Open Gov Hub Communications and Operations Associate, focuses on issues of digital security, internet governance, and all things surveillance and privacy. Her talk focused on the ever increasing interconnected world, its connection to governance issues, and demanding accountability for algorithms. Plus Al Gore makes a surprise appearance.