Creating Meaning with Data Visualizations: Lessons from Visual Data Storytellers

This was originally published on the Open Gov Hub blog.

At Open Gov Hub, we specialize in all things data, whether that’s creating open data initiatives, curating data for reports on corruption, or empowering citizens with access to information.

Yet, as many people who work within this new paradigm of big data and open data, the deluge of information can sometimes overwhelm the story hidden within that data. Many of our Hub members are turning to data visualizations to highlight elements of the story, so to learn from some experts we recently sat down with data visualizers Ricky de Marchi Trevisan of Esri and Desmond Spruijt of Mapping Worlds to talk about how they handle the influx of data.

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ICT Use in the Favelas of Rio

A quarter of Rio de Janeiro’s citizens live in favelas, pockets of humanity living outside of governmental infrastructure and resources. This lack of infrastructure means that favelas often struggle to maintain adequate roads, fresh water, sanitation, and electricity. But some of that has started to change, due mainly to efforts to clamp down on crime before the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. The city of Rio is realizing that it must invest resources into their forgotten slums, and one of the main ways they are doing this is through providing access to information communication technologies.

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